Ashi Singh Was In Tears When Told Of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai’s End; Randeep Rai Shocked!

Randeep Rai

Randeep Rai

Randeep Rai, who plays the role of Sameer on the show, told TOI, “I can’t believe this. I have lived the character and I am not exaggerating when I say that my identity has only been Sameer for the last two years. I will need some time to cope with this.”

Ashi Singh

Ashi Singh

Ashi Singh, who plays Naina, said, “When I was offered Naina’s role, I was told that she is a simple, non-glamorous girl, and at that time, I was a bit reluctant because every other girl on TV is stylish and glamorous. I also feared getting typecast in similar roles.”

Ashi Says...

Ashi Says…

“I worked doubly hard on my character to establish Naina as this simple girl. So, when the producer broke the news, I almost broke down and it took me a while to get back to shooting. I feel that the show could have gone on for another year. However, now that it’s ending, it has given me more confidence to move on to other things.”

Sumeet Says...

Sumeet Says…

Sumeet told the leading daily, “I feel that Yeh Un… has run its course; we didn’t want to bring it to a level where the viewers feel that it’s dragging. Also, it was based on our (he and his wife Shashi Mittal) life story and struggles, and after a certain point, the audience don’t enjoy watching the struggles for too long.”

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