Arjun Bijlani Feels One Cannot Open Up About Depression In The Television Industry


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In the wake of actor Kushal Punjabi’s suicide, the conversation about mental health in showbiz, especially the television industry has come to the forefront. Naagin fame actor Arjun Bijlani in a recent interview spoke about the subject of depression. He also stated that one cannot openly talk about it in the TV industry as it could cause damage to one’s career and potential work prospects.

Arjun said, “The industry is a very catch-22 situation. You can’t open up because you feel then whatever little chance you have of getting work, you would lose it. People won’t give you work because they’ll think you’re depressed. It’s a very weird situation for actors sometimes. They want to open up but they can’t, they don’t trust anybody, it’s a sad state actually.”

Arjun Bijlani

He went on to add, “The solution is that we, as a society, need to change. There should be more awareness about depression, there should be centres and these centre numbers must be sent to everybody. If you are depressed and you are going through anything and you feel suicidal, then please contact this number. There should be these numbers where at least someone can call up and talk to you during those moments.”

He finally concluded by emphasizing on creating happy environments. Arjun stated, “You got to keep doing your thing, small or big, whatever but create an environment of happiness with people around. Work is an aspect of life, but happiness truly comes from being with the people around you and family and many other things.”

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