Kaithi Full Movie Leaked Online For Download On Day 1


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By Lekhaka


Kaithi has amassed the interest of moviegoers and it comes with a horde of specialities. Amidst all those good talks about Kaithi, the Karthi movie that has been directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, is finally in theatres today. Nonetheless, a report has taken everyone aback as it has in it that Kaithi too has fallen prey to the clutches of piracy. Reports say Kaithi full movie has been leaked online for free download through torrent sites. What is shocking is that this has happened on the first day of the film’s release after the culmination of the morning shows.

Kaithi Full Movie Leaked Online For Download On Day 1!

Piracy has been an impending problem associated with the Tamil film industry. Despite taking measures to curb piracy, many movies have had to bear the brunt of its ill-effects. If other reports are anything to be believed, Bigil, which also released along with Kaithi, too has been hit by piracy on day 1 itself.

Being a Deepavali release and a film with good pre-release talk, trade pundits are confident about Kaithi’s performance at the box office. It has to compete with Bigil, which has got hold of a higher number of screens.

Nevertheless, Kaithi’s initial reports are nothing short of exceptional. Lokesh Kanagaraj and Karthi have seemingly set the standards pretty high. A film like Kaithi should be watched in theatres and success of such films, would help filmmakers and actors tread new paths.

Let us believe that piracy won’t affect Kaithi at all and Karthi’s recent movie will battle it out fiercely against it and taste a huge victory at the box office, just like other big hits of the year did.

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