Coronavirus Scare: Mani Ratnam’s Son In Quarantine; Video Of Him From Isolation Room Goes Viral


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Novel Coronavirus is affecting not only commoners, but also celebrities. After Kanika Kapoor tested positive for COVID-19, director Mani Ratnam’s son, Nandan has been in self-quarantine after his arrival from London. Though the director’s son has not tested positive for Coronavirus, but by keeping himself quarantined in his room, Nandan is setting a good example of a responsible citizen.

During his quarantine time, Mani Ratnam’s son communicates with his mom Suhasini via glass window of his isolated room. The youngster is living in the same house where his director-actor parents stay.

Mani Ratnam and his son Nandan

Khushbu Sundar shared a video of mother and son communicating in an informative manner on how he is managing. She wrote, “This is what responsible people do.. kudos to @hasinimani and #NandanManiratnam So much to learn from them.. my hugs for you are reserved for a better and a safer day Nandan”.

In the video, the actor shares, “Hello everyone, I’m talking to my son from outside this glass window, everyone knows why. He returned from London on March 18.”

Nandan replies, “Hi everyone, it’s been 5 days since I returned. And I’ve been living in this isolated room here all on my own and will not leave the room for another 14 days. No matter how boring it is, this is the least we can do to ensure everyone is safe.”

Suhasini asks him, “How do you eat your food?”

Nandan responds, “They leave the food in a separate room, when I’m not there and then once they leave, they wash their hands thoroughly and I do the same and then eat. As soon as I’m done, we wash the plates in boiling hot water immediately.”

His mother later asks, “Have you tested positive for covid-19?”

“No, I have not but I think it’s safer to self-quarantine for 2 weeks before meeting my family,” Nandan says at the end of the video.

India has recorded 415 positive Novel Coronavirus cases. The PM of India, Narendra Modi conducted Janta Curfew on March 22 which got an excellent response from people.

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