Amala Paul Reveals She Was Stressed Before Filming The Nak*d Scene In Aadai!

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Amala Paul has often left the audiences stunned with her ability to do daring roles. Next, she will be seen in the Tamil movie Aadai, in which the actress would portray a character named Kamini. The teaser of Aadai did create quite a stir with Amala Paul daring to bare it all for the movie.

While it has been revealed that such a scene was the demand of the script, Amala Paul, during the trailer launch of the movie, talked about the experience that she had while filming the naked scene in Aadai.

Amala Paul Reveals She Was Stressed Before Filming The Nak*d Scene In Aadai!

She opened up that she was slightly stressed before the filming of this particular sequence. Amala Paul revealed that despite the fact that she had already set up her mind to do the bold act for the movie, she reached a point where she felt the heat. The actress who was seated inside the caravan phoned up her manager and enquired about the people who were there on the set for the shoot of the sequence and the security precautions.

Amala Paul stated that all proper security measures were taken at the spot. Reportedly, mobile phones were also not allowed anywhere. Amala Paul mentioned that only 15 members were present on the sets for the filming of this sequence, including the camera and the light team.

Amala Paul also recollected the words that she had said to some of the crew members after the completion of the first scene. She said that Panchali had just five husbands and while filming the sequence, she felt like she had 15 husbands and that was the trust that she had while doing the scenes. She thanked the entire team for the support and the comfort that they had given without which she couldn’t have done those sequences.

Meanwhile, Aadai’s trailer has also released and it has impressed the audiences. Reportedly. Aadai will be releasing in theatres on July 19, 2019. The movie has been directed by Rathnakumar.

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