10 Years Since We Lost Michael Jackson | Few Shocking Details From The Day Of King Of Pop’s Death

He Was Bald & Scarred

He Was Bald & Scarred

In any public appearance that he made, Michael Jackson flaunted a full hair on his head. But, it wasn’t a real one. The singer donned a wig during his performances and whenever he stepped out. One of the detectives who saw his body in the first hours after the death revealed that his head was bald due to lack of hair and was filled with scars.

The Detective Further Added...

The Detective Further Added…

Detective Scott Smith further described the state of the singer’s body as, “The thing that was odd that I found myself periodically looking at was his head, his scalp. Hardly any hair at all on the sides.” For the uninitiated, in 1984, Jackson suffered from severe burns when his hair caught during a commercial shoot. Following the traumatic incident, he got addicted to painkillers.

Michael Jackson Shouldn't Have Died

Michael Jackson Shouldn’t Have Died

Apparently, the detectives couldn’t find anything on the singer’s body that would make his death questionable. Scott Smith, who was in-charge of the case stated, “So the initial autopsy didn’t show much. Nothing much that you (would) be shocked a 50-year-old body would have. He was relatively healthy. This isn’t a man who should have died.”

Strange Things By His Side

Strange Things By His Side

Though, the cause of Jackson’s death was clear, the circumstances that led to it seem quite strange. It has been shown in the documentary that items such as child’s doll, needles, advertisements consisting of young children and several bizarre post-it notes were found around his dead body.

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