Shocking: Varun Dhawan’s fan threatens to kill his GF Natasha Dalal


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Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal have been together since time immemorial. The lovebirds are one of the nicest couples we have known and always try to keep their relationship private. However, what a fan of Varun did recently outside his house will shock the life out of Natasha. A die-hard fan of the ‘Kalank’ star threatened to kill Natasha.

So what actually happened? Well, a certain fan aka stalker lady was supposedly waiting for hours to meet Varun outside his residence. The actor was busy with ‘Kalank’ promotions and that’s why wasn’t able to meet her. This infuriated the lady to a different level altogether. She started screaming  horribly and threatened, “I will kill Natasha.” The security at Varun’s residence was left with no choice but to call for the police.

As reported by Mid Day after a discussion with the security team, “There was a female fan, who was doing the rounds of his house for a long time. We are used to such things and on most occasions, the fans are sweet and never cross their limits. Varun sir usually obliges their selfie requests, if he is available. But, he is currently pressed for time and is juggling too many things. She was waiting for a couple of hours. Sir came late and she was insisting that she meet him then and there. He was pretty tired from the day’s work and wanted to rest. She refused to leave and got into a squabble. Initially, she said she will hurt herself. When the security still didn’t get her through to Varun sir, she threw a fit. She kept mumbling how she will harm Natasha ma’am.

A complaint was lodged at the nearby Santa Cruz police station last night. But an FIR is yet to be lodged against the lady. It will be done only after Varun’s statement is recorded. “It was alarming for us because usually, fans don’t get so aggressive. We informed Varun sir, who panicked. She kept saying, ‘I will kill Natasha.’ After the woman refused to leave even after 45 minutes, we had to call the local police station,” reported Mid Day.

Varun is usually super sweet towards his fans. Let’s wait and watch what action he decides to take against this lady who allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend. Will Varun stand back and fight it out? Or will he let it pass off as a fan’s excessive love for him? Let’s wait to find out.

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