Dazzling And Sparkling Jewellery From Kalyan Jewellers On Christmas And New Year

Dazzling And Sparkling Jewellery From Kalyan Jewellers On Christmas And New Year


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This festive season and also the season of new beginnings, let the sparkle into your life. While you may buy some shiny Christmas ornaments, this is also the season when you might want to invest in those jewelled goodies that capture the essence of the season. Also, if you are looking forward to gifting, we recommend buying dazzling and exquisite jewellery for your loved ones. You can choose those luminous diamonds, the glowing gemstones, or even those traditional golds, depending on your taste. And if you want some jewellery gift ideas, we have some for you.

Kalyan Jewellers Diamond Jewellery

An Intricate Diamond Necklace

An intricately done diamond neckpiece would make for a perfect buy. There is nothing better than purchasing a diamond neckpiece for it can complement your dress and goes well with almost any outfit. Also, if you are thinking of gifting something precious to your loved one, this is the gift for you. You can also gift a set with bangles and earrings.

Christmas Jewellery

The Floral Jewellery

When in doubt, buy a floral jewellery. You can purchase or gift a floral jewellery just like the statement ring in the picture from Kalyan Jewellers. The floral-shaped jewellery can be sported for any occasion, be it casual or festive, and it can immediately add a touch of femininity to your look. Floral jewellery can also make for a great Christmas gift.

Sparkling Jewellery

The Pearl Studded Earrings

There is nothing more special than gifting your loved one, a set of pearl-studded earrings. Pearls look distinctive and can make you look a class apart. So, either you can opt for pearl studs, which are timeless or you can purchase earrings that are meticulously crafted and feature certain other elements including rose gold.

A Sleek Neckpiece

Now, some of us are not into heavy neckpieces and if you are one of those, you can definitely buy a sleek neckpiece. The best part about a sleek and delicate neckpiece is that it can be worn on a regular day and for those who prefer minimal style, a sleek neckpiece is the most awesome choice. Amid pandemic, such a neckpiece is a must-buy because as it is, you don’t get to step out much.

 Kalyan Jewellery Offers

Colourful Earrings

Tis’ the season when you should cheer up and what would make you cheer up more than a radiant and colourful set of jewellery. You can accessorise these earrings with any dull-hued ensemble and make yourself look like the life of a party. You can wear it to your office parties or college too.

The Nature-Inspired Bracelets

Bracelets would be an ideal New Year’s gift and if you are thinking of gifting bracelet to your best friend, you should invest in some pastel-hued and nature-inspired ones. You can team bracelet with a pendant or studs, to make it a more wholesome gift.

Kalyan Jewellers

An Elaborately-Done Bangle

You can totally invest in an elaborately-crafted gold bangle that is intricate, for not only this is a festive season but also a wedding season. So, you might need one jewellery like this bangle in the picture. It is a heavy jewellery but something that will enhance your look.

Christmas is the season to spread joy and shower love on your dear ones, what better way to express it all than being the Santa yourself and bringing home exquisitely crafted fine jewellery from Kalyan Jewellers’ breath-taking collections. Celebrating the season, Kalyan Jewellers has announced special year-end offers enabling customers to maximise the value of their jewellery purchases. As part of this, the jewellery brand is offering up to 25% off on diamond jewellery and up to 20% off on uncut and precious stone jewellery. On purchases worth Rs. 30,000 and above, customers can avail 0% VA or making charges on half the purchase value.

So, which jewellery from the list would you like to buy? Let us know that in the comment section.


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