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A Thursday Promotions: Yami Gautam – The Boss Lady In Black And White Outfit!

Yami Gautam stunned us in her “A Thursday” movie screening looking all fab in a black & white outfit. While she is heavily promoting her movie, we have spotted her in the latest Instagram photo and can’t stop being amazed at her look. The overall outfit she wore is stunning and here are full details on it.

Yami Gautam Turns Up The Heat In Black & White Outfit:
Ruffled sleeves and black leather pants spotted on Yami Gautam is giving us some monochromatic vibes. Her crisped white shirt with ruffle detailed shoulder sleeves makes the outfit look smart. The high rise leather pants just add another layer of sophistication. The whole black and white outfit that she is wearing is styled by Allia Al Rufai, Shubhangini Gupta and Rhea Jain where they have come up with such a great look. She is looking so fierce and elegant that it is hard not to take our eyes off her.

Her Hair Is On Fleek:
The completely textured and tousled hair done by Hiral Bhatia was so fresh at the moment that you can also steal the look from her and look gorgeous. She has pulled off the outfit and the hair so nicely that the inner child in all of us is also telling us to go for this look while going out. You can also get this look in your local salon, just show them who the hairstylist is and they will understand.

The Makeup is Neutral & Different:
Yami Gautam had a neutral makeup look for this outfit. Her makeup artist Krisann Figueiredo gave her base makeup with shimmery eyes and nude lipstick. The makeup is to the point and goes well.

If you also liked the look of Yami Gautam, then do tell us in the comment section below.

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