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We're Talking About 'SRKUniverse'

We’re Talking About ‘SRKUniverse’

It’s known to all that Chennai is facing a major water crisis and the situation there is pretty sad. But SRK’s fans took the initiative to lend a helping hand to Chennai and urged all the SRK fans to do a bit.

They shared this picture and captioned it as saying, “#Chennai is facing a severe water crisis & we should all come together to help them. We believe in SRK’s ideology of helping people in need. Let’s all contribute together & help the city when they need us. Our aim is to get 1 Lakh & buy & distribute water. #ChennaiWaterScarcity.”

If This Is Not Endearing, What Is?

If This Is Not Endearing, What Is?

SRKUniverse captions the picture as saying, “The SRK FANs from Solapur celebrated EID with the Orphanage kids.”

It’s such a good feeling to come across these pictures as this shows the positive impact of SRK on his fans. Dear SRK, you should be proud of your fans and apparently you already are.

SRK's Fans Work For The Welfare Of Children

SRK’s Fans Work For The Welfare Of Children

“SRK FANs from Tripura spreading smiles and working for welfare of the children ❤️,” writes SRKuniverse.

A little of something goes a long way and we hope that all these pictures make all our readers to up their sleeves and contribute a little towards the society in need!

SRK Fans At Old Age Home

SRK Fans At Old Age Home

“Team Guwahati organized a charity event today at old age home and brought smiles to their faces ❤️,” writes SRKUniverse.

From helping kids to bringing a smile at old age homes, SRK fans are doing everything that will warm the cockles of your heart.

Dear SRK, You're A True Hero!

Dear SRK, You’re A True Hero!

In his long career span, SRK has won many accolades but more than anything he has won the hearts of his fans. No matter, whether the film of SRK works or bombs at the box office, he was, he is and he will always be our true hero.

Thank you SRK and his fans for making us believe that all it takes is a heart to make the world a better place!

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