Shah Rukh Khan Arjun Kapoor Ananya Pandey Are Awed By Joker & Joaquin Phoenix Performance

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A recent Hollywood film, Joker, has made massive waves worldwide, and has even got some Bollywood stars praising it. Joker is a film by Todd Phillips, starring Joaquin Phoenix, which tells the backstory of Dark Knight trilogy villain, The Joker. Shah Rukh Khan, Arjun Kapoor, and Ananya Pandey took to their social media to laud the spectacular performance of Joaquin, who plays Joker.

SRK, Arjun & Ananya Are Awed By Hollywood Film ‘Joker’

During a Twitter session of AskSRK, one of the fans asked Shah Rukh Khan his opinion on Joker. The Badshah of Bollywood replied, “So well nuanced. So felt…quietly screaming…” (sic)

Arjun Kapoor too was awed by the film, as he expressed in an Instagram story. “The Film. The Character. The uncomfortableness of it all. The score. The way it’s shot. The nod to the taxi driver. A mesmerising Spectacular unhinged performance & a special real though-provoking film. @todphillips1 hats off.” (sic)

Ananya Pandey had just one word for Joker which said it all. ‘Magic’ she wrote on her Instagram story, sharing a picture of Joaquin as Joker.

Joaquin has received critical acclaim for his essaying beautifully, the painful life situations and mental illness that led Joker to become a dark person.

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