Karan Arjun Completes 25 Years, Twitter Shares Rare Photos Of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan


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Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan starrer, Karan Arjun has been one of the most loved films of the 1990s. The hit film by Rakesh Roshan release in 1995 and is still considered an iconic film of all times. The famous dialogue ‘Mere Karan Arjun Jarur Aayenge’, can make you nostalgic instantly, Twitter too, has been sharing best moments and rare pictures of the actors from the sets.

Karan arjun

The reincarnation drama, had some of the best songs, cast and dialogues from the era. Many on Twitter are demanding the lead cast, SRK and Salman Bhai to return on screen together once again. But until then, here are some rare pictures from Karan Arjun’s sets.

Karan Arjun In Real Life

Karan Arjun In Real Life

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan recently appeared at several events together and were also seen dancing and singing during parties. The duo had also hosted an award show as co-anchors back in 2016 for the Star Screen Awards.

The two make a brief onscreen appearance for Shah Rukh Khan’s film titled, Zero. Salman Khan made a cameo appearance in the song, Issaqbaazi

The Story

The Story

Rajesh Roshan in an interview had revealed, nobody believed in the story. He said, “They all said that they agreed to do the film only for me and not for the story. They didn’t believe in the whole reincarnation story. They didn’t believe in the story. But I stood my ground and made the film. I knew that the belief of a mother that her sons will come back and the way she said, “Mere Karan Arjun aayenge” stayed with the audience.”



Rakesh Roshan also believes a classic like this should not be remade. As reported by Hindustan Times, the filmmaker said, “I don’t think that iconic films should be touched because we will not get the same feel. Uss time ka zamana kuch aur tha, aaj ka zamana kuch aur hai. It worked in that era, it might not work in this era. I will not remake the film, someone else can.”

“Hrithik will fit, Ranbir or Ranveer,” he added.

Fan's Reaction

Fan’s Reaction

Twitter is currently flooded with Karan Arjun‘s fanbase, many are sharing clips from the film and others are recalling their childhood memories. Take a look at, the ‘Desi swag at its best 🔥 Salman & SRK ♥️’

Karan Arjun has a fanbase as big as several generations and it will continue to grow, as people still love and enjoy the story about loyalty, and brotherhood beyond life and death.

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